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Enjoy some of my videos and articles.

Hi Friends,

I hope you are all happy and healthy. The last year and a half has been a rough road but we should be optimistic and persevere through the final phases of the pandemic.

We are doing ok at the studio finishing up a few fun projects. A first for me is a literal translation of a family’s very sentimental quilt into stained glass. It’s a pretty tricky window combining opalescent glass with some photo imaging on glass. I will of course post pictures when it’s done. Another project is for a Tudor revival home in Belmont, MA. I will be using my murrini roundels and we are going to attempt and make a light fixture using murrini, another first for me. And the third project is for a lovely family in Winchester, MA that we made a privacy bathroom window for a few years ago. Our new window for them is a palette of green highly textured roundels that, combined with glass jewels, will create a symphony of textural movement. Great fun stuff!

My last set of classes finished up a few weeks ago and there were a lot of very happy students with their finished ready-to-hang projects. I did two Beginner I classes on Monday and Tuesday nights with mostly brand new students to stained glass and I’m proud of their hard work getting through that difficult first project. The Wednesday night class was the Photo Imaging on Glass class and we welcomed two new-comers from the mosaic community. They did amazing work that will be included in a mosaic commission and a kitchen backsplash.

My next set of classes will start the third week of October and I will again offer a Beginner I class on Monday nights, limited to six students so I can offer lots of much-needed attention. It’s the best class to reinforce your skills if you have only taken one or two classes. We will limit the number of pieces in your project to 18 pieces so you will be able to finish. Tuesday night will be Beginner II, Stained Glass with Fused Glass Elements, limited to 8 students. I will open this class to mosaic artists as well to make objects that can be used in their projects. The fusing opens a whole new world of image and textures in glass. Wednesday night’s class will require a bit of experience so it will be open only to students who have taken several classes from me. I’m happy to offer a new class, Makers Mayhem!!! I will pull out lots of nontraditional materials for students to use, chandelier prisms, found glass objects, remnants of old church windows and whatever crazy glass stuff I have collected over the years. It’s a really fun way to create something completely unique in the stained glass world. I look forward to seeing old friends and welcome the newbies to the stained glass adventure.  Please go to the Classes page to sign up for a class.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all in the coming months and hopefully, as we end this year and start 2022, we can see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. Any of you who wish to be added to the Almost Perfect Glass (our studio building) mailing list for the upcoming Holiday Sale let me know. The sale will off lots of beautiful blown glass objects for sale and we will be doing glass blowing demonstrations which is always fun to watch. Let me know!

Best wishes my friends and again, stay safe and healthy!


Dan Maher