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Please enjoy some of my videos and articles.

Hi Friends!

I hope you are all happy and healthy and enjoyed the fabulous weather we had this Memorial Day weekend…the real start of summer.  For those of you who have fond memories of summer school, here’s your chance to relive that experience!  During the last term, students created some fantastic pieces of glass art and I’m excited to start the next set of classes.  The upcoming set of classes will begin the last week of June and finish in early August.

I am again offering the Beginner I class on Monday nights, and because the response to my last set of classes was so enthusiastic, I will continue to offer an additional Beginner I class on Thursday nights, limited to six students so I am able to offer lots of much-needed attention. It’s the best class to reinforce your skills if you have only taken one or two classes.  The number of pieces in your project will be limited to 18 pieces so you will be able to finish.

On Tuesday nights, I am offering Beginner PI, Photo Imaging on Glass.  This is a great class for Beginner I students who would like to take the next step.  The number of pieces in the PI projects will be limited and fairly simple to construct, but the photo imaging process allows you to create highly complex decorations or photographic images in glass. I will open this class to mosaic artists as well to make objects that can be used in their projects.

Wednesday night’s Makers Mayhem class will require a bit of experience so it will only be open to students who have taken several classes from me.  I will have lots of nontraditional materials available for students to use; chandelier prisms and found-glass objects; plus students will also be able to incorporate photo imaging or fused glass or combinations of techniques and materials. It’s mayhem!! I’m also open to students who want to do larger and/or more complex projects that might span several class sessions.

Find more information about these class offerings on my Classes page.

Best wishes friends and I look forward to seeing new and veteran students in June. 


Dan Maher