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Enjoy some of my videos and articles.

Hi Friends,

I hope you are all happy and healthy. The last two years have been really challenging but we should be optimistic and persevere through this pandemic. I’m happy to report we have had no spread of the virus within our Studio. Our safety protocols are working and with the holidays and cold weather coming we are doubling our efforts to stay safe and healthy. I am limiting class size to six students only so we can maintain some distancing. We will also have a vaccine and booster mandate as well as N95 masks.

We have finished up and installed a few projects before the holidays and several projects are starting up just after the New Year. There is one I can’t talk about right now as we are just finishing up the design, but it will be the most fun window we have produced in a long time, so keep an eye out for progress pictures as we get into it!

My last set of classes just finished a week ago and as usual, I was so proud of the beautiful pieces the students made. Monday night’s Beginner I class included two spectacular landscape windows and two ginkgo leaf projects with a little glass painting included. The Tuesday night class of Stained Glass with Fused Glass Elements produced an incredible variety of images with combinations of cut glass and frits and powders. I’m so pleased with that class I’m going to offer it again this coming term. Wednesday night’s Makers Mayhem class included both fusing and photo imaging and several students are using the class to do larger projects that will span over several sessions of classes. Beautiful works!

My next set of classes will start the second week of January and I will again offer a Beginner I-M class on Monday nights limited to six students so I can offer lots of much needed attention. It’s the best class to reinforce your skills if you have only taken one or two classes. We will limit the number of pieces in your project to 18 pieces so you will be able to finish. Tuesday night will be Beginner II, Stained Glass with Fused Glass Elements. I will open this class to mosaic artists as well to make objects that can be used in their projects. The fusing opens a whole new world of image and textures in glass. Wednesday night’s Makers Mayhem class will require a bit of experience so it will be open only to students who have taken several classes from me. I will pull out lots of nontraditional materials for students to use; chandelier prisms, found glass objects, remnants of old church windows and whatever crazy glass stuff I have collected over the years. It’s a really fun way to create something completely unique in the stained glass world. I have had so many inquiries about stained glass classes that I am also going to offer a Beginner I-T class on Thursday nights. Let me know which Beginner I class you are interested in and if you prefer one night or the other or are flexible. I look forward to seeing old friends and welcome the newbies to the stained glass adventure. Class dates, descriptions and payment methods are listed at the bottom of this email.

And to get you started on your holiday shopping, feel free to attend the Almost Perfect Glass Holiday Sale this weekend (in our studio building).  The sale will offer lots of beautiful blown glass objects (including some of my panels) for sale and we will be doing glass blowing demonstrations, which is always fun to watch.

Also check out the "For Sale" page on my website for some cool panels!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all in the coming months and hopefully as we end this year and start 2022 we can see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel.

Best wishes my friends and again, stay safe and healthy!


Dan Maher